Super / Hyper

For supermarkets, the ESL system must be able to update tens of thousands of tags for price changes and/or promotions, while also having specific tag features and sizes to meet the needs and visuals of the various different sections.

Why SoluM
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  • 1. SoluM has a vast product line-up to meet any feature and/or visual for every market environments.
  • 2. With 45 years of RF Technology experience, SoluM offers ESL System with the fastest update speed.
  • 3. SoluM ESL is simple to install and ESL Management is very user friendly.
  • 4. SoluM ESL is more than an electronic price label. It is a solution for price changing and for promotion.

ESL System Architecture

ESL (Electronic Shelf Label) is used to electronically update product pricing and information, minimizing incorrect pricing and information to be displayed. It is the next step to unifying online and offline pricing, while providing dynamic pricing capability to increase sales. Implementing ESL brings a digital image to store fronts.

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