Offices, hospitals, and hospitality environments require ESL Systems where the infrastructure can easily be implemented without disruption. Attachment options for ESL placements in the most ideal locations. And most importantly, they require real-time updates without delay for the most up-to-date information to be displayed.

Why SoluM
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  • 1. SoluM has the most diverse line-up in the industry and offers the right product to the right place.
  • 2. With 45 years of accumulated RF technology, SoluM provides a fast and reliable real-time update system.
  • 3. SoluM has asset management automation solutions such real-time asset status checking and in/outbound lookup.
  • 4. SoluM has an IoT solution for locating individual products and visitors’ locations

ESL System Architecture

ESL provides convenience to users and customers by reflecting continuously changing meeting and customer information in real-time. By real-time monitoring of asset status, asset management can be streamlined and by combining with IoT communication technology, it is also possible to use for property loss and child loss prevention.

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