For clothing and shoes, the ESL must have the ability to quickly and easily attach to each individual product, while maintaining the unique product look. Inventory information and EAS security are also vital for increased customer service and preventing theft.

Why SoluM
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  • 1. SoluM has item label lineup easy to attach to various product types.
  • 2. SoluM product has ESL, RFID, and security features, which offers price change, stock management, and anti-theft features.
  • 3. SoluM provides effective promotional information with the industry’s largest 13.3 “size combined with LED and button functions
  • 4. SoluM’s item label is the first in the industry to receive global design awards Red Dot and IDEA, and enhances fancy store atmosphere

ESL System Architecture

ESL (Electronic Shelf Label) is used to electronically update product pricing and information, minimizing incorrect pricing and information to be displayed. It is the next step to unifying online and offline pricing, while providing dynamic pricing capability to increase sales. Implementing ESL brings a digital image to store fronts.

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Fashion shops around the world are applying SoluM ESL.