Franchises having to manage multiple stores can control ESLs across every store from a single location. Centralized ESL Server minimizes system infrastructure, installations, and operations while providing the ability to manage every individual ESL at every store from a single ESL management system. In addition, customized ESL designs can be applied to match the franchises’ brand image.

Why SoluM
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  • 1. SoluM offers the industry’s first and best centralized server eliminating the need to build servers for each store.
  • 2. Central monitoring system allows you to manage ESL in stores throughout the country.
  • 3. You can manage ESL with ease in your stores with a simple installation process and an ESL mobile management app.
  • 4. SoluM’s professional design and organization team offers ESL products that best match your store atmosphere.

ESL System Architecture

ESL (Electronic Shelf Label) is used to electronically update product pricing and information, minimizing incorrect pricing and information to be displayed. It is the next step to unifying online and offline pricing, while providing dynamic pricing capability to increase sales. Implementing ESL brings a digital image to store fronts.

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