In a grocery environment, different types of ESLs need to be implemented. Such as waterproof labels, freezer labels, refrigeration labels, and even high temp labels. Additionally, the ESLs can allow the grocery to run special promotions and/or markdowns, depending on the life of the product, to increase sales and minimize waste.

Why SoluM
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  • 1. SoluM has product line-ups which offers various features.
  • 2. SoluM has the fastest real-time system and scheduling update function.
  • 3. SoluM ESL is simple to install and ESL Management is very user friendly.
  • 4. SoluM ESL offer diverse apparatuses by running design/apparatus specialist.

ESL System Architecture

ESL (Electronic Shelf Label) is used to electronically update product pricing and information, minimizing incorrect pricing and information to be displayed. It is the next step to unifying online and offline pricing, while providing dynamic pricing capability to increase sales. Implementing ESL brings a digital image to store fronts.

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