TESCO is the first in the industry to introduce e-paper ESL and is implementing SoluM ESL in over 530 stores throughout Europe

Sectors Super / Hyper
Country England, Global
Number of stores 6,700
Introduction 2014 Year
Product family Segment, Graphic

“Every week at Tesco we change between five and 10 million labels and that’s an awful lot of labels. The future is electronic shelf-edge labels that we have developed using the same technology as the Amazon Kindle.”

– Mike McNamara, CIO, TESCO


TESCO is the world’s first retailer to deploy e-paper ESL successfully in 2011 to 530 stores across many European countries, building smart and future-oriented store atmosphere. With SoluM ESL outstanding product quality and fast update system performance, TESCO’s stores are operating with stability and delivering convenience to the store associates and customers. Today, it is considering SoluM’s new product solutions to implement in the new store expansions.


TESCO has been reviewing new retail technologies for a long time to build a smart, future-oriented store environment and focused on ESL as one solution. TESCO found that between 5 and 10 million paper labels were replaced each week and that much labor was involved in labeling. Thus, a fast and accurate system implementation was essential for effective ESL operation. Also, TESCO’s key requirement was an outstanding product quality with high legibility, long product life, and less infrastructure investments.

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With 45 years of wireless communication technology, SoluM developed its own Radio Frequency IC chipset for ESL communication, the first and the only one in the industry, different from the old technology, Infra Red which requires lots of infrastructure cost because of its short communication distance. Based on this technology, SoluM was able to offer the most advanced ESL system with high speed and high capacity data processing. In addition, in 2010, SoluM developed e-paper ESL, the first in the industry, which solved the disadvantages of LCD ESL and manufactured in its own facility, providing a product with better quality of battery life and legibility. Thanks to the new and differentiated solution, SoluM was able to be selected as the final ESL vendor.

Introduction effect

After three months of successful testing, TESCO launched SoluM ESL in 530 stores across Europe starting in 2011. TESCO has succeeded in building a stable system, providing maximum convenience to users by introducing SoluM ESL. Additionally, TESCO increased sales and built the image of a smart and future-oriented retailer with the ESL technology. Now, TESCO is considering SoluM’s new products for the deployment in UK and other countries in Europe.

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