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Why is Digital Signage Becoming Popular?

Electronic Shelf Labels can act as virtual shelves that can show the store's range of products, enabling shoppers to window shop virtually.

Digital signage is becoming popular because its offered level of interactivity enhances customer experience. Most retailers today focus on upgrading their equipment to make shopping more accessible and comfortable, thereby increasing digital signage market potential.

Digital Signage for Various Industries

Digital signage also makes critical banking and financial information more accessible for customers, widening and deepening customer engagement, which pushes the progress of the banking and finance sector.


Based on a survey by Digital Signage Today, 464 end users from multiple industries such as schools, retailers, and restaurants are using digital signage. It's safe to say that businesses will make most of their interactions through touchscreens in the future.


Furthermore, it turns out that more than half of the respondents have already deployed or plan to deploy additional digital signage. 54% of respondents from restaurants and 63% of respondents from banks have already planned to deploy digital signage to more locations. 40% of retailers planned to deploy digital signage in the future.


Retailers can benefit from digital signage for displaying information that helps reduce errors, increase efficiency, and speed up the ordering process. It also helps capture customer attention by displaying promotions, ads, and catchy videos. 


More importantly, digital signage can act as virtual shelves that can show the store's range of products, enabling shoppers to window shop virtually.


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Why Choose Digital Signage?

Digital signage can add value by making your business more interactive through digital interactions, which many customers look after.


Additionally, users are now used to gathering the necessary information on various screens, making digital equipment worth inserting into your business space.

SOLUM Electronic Shelf Labels as Digital Signage

Today, electronic shelf labels provide displaying features that businesses can leverage to elevate their provided customer service. Besides having a superior displaying capability, ESL offers more features that optimize your business operations.


Extensive inventories, low prices, and highly trained teams are no longer enough to provide an excellent customer experience—making the switch to wireless technology is the ideal solution.


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Use SOLUM Electronic Shelf Labels as your digital signage

Use SOLUM Electronic Shelf Labels as your digital signage

SOLUM offers a new breed of digital label performance level that acts as better digital signage than any other electronic shelf label.


Introducing: Newton.


Newton is the perfect digital signage for businesses that seek advanced ways to engage with customers while optimizing business operations. 


Our Newton-enabled lineup of ESLs comes with a brilliant design—sleek and straightforward— giving a premium and modern look to wherever you choose to put them. Our ESLs use e-ink to display clear fonts and colors to welcome approaching customers, redefining an ESL's capabilities as it brings more life to product details.


This advanced digital label's screen resolution got upgraded by 20%. Now, its display is crisper and more precise, with 184dpi for our 1.6" display and 145dpi for our 2.9".


Newton's displays require minimal power to operate, with small, long-lasting batteries that deliver optimal performance for up to five years.


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