Real-time operations for the modern business

Newton is reinventing the way you do business. Our modern, IoT and Big Data-powered solutions will replace outdated legacy systems, paving the way for more interactive, streamlined, and full-stack operations.

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User Guide

Installation Manual

installation manual

Newton Installation Manual

Our Newton electronic shelf label manual.

AIMS installation manual

AIMS Installation Manual

Our very own Advanced Information Management System (AIMS), a software that can be deployed locally, through a central server, and via Cloud.

Gateway installation

Gateway Installation Manual

Newton Gateways serve as ‘base stations’ that transmit data from the central server to the tags.

User Manual

changing battery SOLUM ESL

Changing Batteries

How To Use WEB PDA

How to Use Web PDA and AIMS Dashboard

Remote Control SOLUM ESL

Remote Control and Beeper


Retail Leaflet

Everything you need to know about the

applications of Newton electronic shelf labels

in the retail environment.

Retail Leaflet
Industrial leaflet

Industrial Leaflet

We go into detail about the various ways you can use Newton ESLs in your manufacturing, distribution, construction, electronics, and brewing businesses, or similar pursuits.

Facility Leaflet

This leaflet is designed for facility managers for hotels, hospitals, schools, libraries, offices, etc. and explains the various applications of Newton to existing management systems.

facility leaftlet