The Newton System

2x battery life and up to 10x faster

We have developed the Newton System—
a new protocol that brings the three biggest
changes in this new kind of electronic shelf
label. A new level of performance for ESLs.

Longer shelf life

Comparison of battery life:

Older ESL models – 5 years

Newton ESL – 10 years

Newton’s increased battery life span. One less thing to worry about.

Do more, for longer.

*Depending on the number of updates
and frequency of blinking per day.

Longer shelf life

IP67 Water/Dustproof

Newton has an IP rating of 67.

That means it can be submerged in 1 meter of water. For up to 30 minutes.

Newton also offers total protection against dust particles. Just place it anywhere. Newton can handle it.

Custom design

Incorporate any design into the display. Logos. Colors. Patterns. You name it.

Build brand familiarity. Don’t take this prime advertising real estate forgranted.

Sleek design

Sleek. Straighforward. Premium.

Sleek Design

Digital doesn’t have to mean boring.

Multiple screen sizes
ranging from 1.6″ to 11.6″


Don’t be limited to one type and size of label. Vary the Newton label according to the product.

From sizes of 1.6″ up to 11.6″, you won’t run out of options.

More and better LEDs

More and better LEDs

7-color LED module. 180-degree visibility.

Easily restock, locate, and pick. Newton labels are impossible to miss.

Multifunctional buttons

2 completely customizable buttons. Report low stock. Confirm a picking process. Call store assistance.

More user interactivity means a better shopper and service experience.

Multifunctional buttons

7 pages

Newton comes with an upgraded capacity of 7 pages. Capable of different layouts and content. All high-resolution.

Do more with your Newton labels.


Near-field communication capability


Implement mobile payment with self-checkout. Link customers to a product information page. Access digital coupons online.

NFC offers not just connectivity, but convenience.

Newton’s location-based system

Label monitoring system

ESL performance is one thing, but
ESL management is another.

With the Newton dashboard, you can monitor the details of every label such as command progress, battery status, and RF signal strength, etc. Synchronise your label information with a single server. One store, or across multiple stores.

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Label Monitoring System

Newton gateway

Upgraded labels need upgraded accessories.

Newton comes with a renewed Gateway. Mode modern. More cost-efficient.


*One Gateway has an extensive capacity of 50,000 labels.

* Communication radius of up to 30 meters, or 98 feet.

* Digital numbering system for easy device identification.

* Horizontal scalability with a dynamic load-balancing system. Accomodate millions of tags with Newton's extensive load balancer.

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How do these upgrades help you and your business?

Better Operation Better ROI

Higher ROI

Inventory management is easier with Newton as you can easily track which items need refilling, rotation, or which items need to be re-ordered from suppliers. This way, you won’t ever over or understock, maximizing ROI and promoting better ROI calculation.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing

Before, it was hard to implement price drops during business hours because of the updating time gap between the point of sale and a tag. But with Newton’s speed, which is 10x faster than old ESLs, price markdowns or updates will be reflected in real-time. 

Better Customer Service

Better customer service

Users can flip pages to check product information or promos and call for help with just a click of a button. With technology like RFID and NFC, shoppers are treated to an omnichannel, modern store experience.