Gateway (AP)

SoluM’s Gateway (Access Point) supports two-way communication. It has excellent communication distance which can save up infrastructure cost and does not require installation of a master hub. Bracket accessory is also provided for anyone to easy install. Support both 2.4GHz and 900MHz.


SoluM ESL Beeper is a multi-purpose tool to immediately wakeup labels for updates, flip through the multiple pages, and work-status checking.


Rails and attachments

SoluM offers a vast line-up of rails and attachments that can be applied to all types of shelf structure and environments.

Waterproof & Protective case

SoluM offers a waterproof case to meet IP67 rating, allowing periodic water cleaning for areas such as fresh grocery.
The protective case is also designed to protect the ESL display from external shock and damage.


Promotion Solution

SoluM also offers Shelf Talkers and Bracket accessories with various designs and colors for a more effective promotion tool with ESL tags.